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Not So Fast!

Thanks to everybody who supported us on our first night at the new Hollywood location! Unfortunately we have some bad, and quite troubling news.

As you know, our DJs play the music videos with the music at Spin, and although this has never been a problem at any of the clubs before, nor the thousands of other clubs that play the same MUSIC VIDEOS, some employees of Lucky Strike were SO OFFENDED by the content that rather than share their concern with the DJ, they complained not only to management, but corporate, and had Spin cancelled from Hollywood.

This is from Lucky strike (regarding the MUSIC VIDEOS):

"Unfortunately a few of our employees found it offensive and called our home office to complain.  Because of the complaints we must respond, therefore Home Office said the promotion must be pulled immediately.  "

Needless to say, we're all quite shocked, and extremely disappointed in these decisions. No effort was made to mitigate or resolve the situation. We sincerely hope this is not a trend, and 21+ clubs will be foreced to play censored versions of music or videos.

So, SPIN remains on hold... AGAIN. Sorry kids!



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